TC Tapes Services

  1. Video Production: We currently shoot using two-cameras on a regular basis. We can do 3 or more cameras when asked. One-camera shoots are also possible. Video equiptment used is: All Sony cameras. One Sony VX2100, two Sony TRV-22's. Those three cameras are all miniDV format, and the one VX2100 is a 3CCD broadcast camera. We also utilize digital 8mm cameras from Sony on certain projects.
  2. All footage is kept on miniDV and DVD discs. Transfer and all post-production work is done to VHS, miniDV and DVD. You can ask for footage on more than one format. Please inquire via email about formats and cost.
  3. Editing: We edit via computer for everything. All editing is done with Adobe Premiere. We also utilize certain graphics programs and certain titles come from Final Cut Pro. All editing is professionally done with fades, wipes, transfers and cuts. We also use music and graphics to produce music videos. All DVD's are authored via computer and are professionally edited with Adobe Encore and Ulead Workshop. Menus are created with Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop.
  4. We just acquired a stand alone DVD recorder. It is the Sony RDR-GX300. One of the top recorders on the market. We can now make copies on the stand alone burner as well as both computer burners.

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All payments can be made via Paypal to this email address, and all checks and money orders need to be addressed to the following:
Tanya C. Cornell